Galwakdi Review: The Movie Fails To Utilise The Amazing Starcast For Good

StarcastTarsem Jassar, Wamiqa Gabbi, Raghveer Boli, Rupi Rupinder, BN Sharma, Honey Mattu and more.
DirectorSharan Art
WriterRandeep Chahal
Kiddaan Rating

Not going to lie, we really had super high hopes from Tarsem Jassar and Wamiqa Gabbi’s Galwakdi and were eagerly waiting for it to hit the silver screens. But we aren’t too happy with what it turned out to be. With failed expectations and a broken heart, we are continuing to review the film for you.

Galwakdi stars Tarsem Jassar and Wamiqa Gabbi in the lead roles, and this on-screen pair undoubtedly was really anticipated. Apart from these two as the leads, the film also features an outstanding supporting cast which include actors like BN Sharma, Raghveer Boli, Honey Mattu and Rupinder Kaur. 

Tarsem plays the character of Jagteshwar Singh who is a man with OCD. He wants everything to be perfect, on point and lives life by following the strict principles that he has set for himself and his family. But on the other hand, Wamiqa plays a bubbly girl Amber on screen. She is chirpy, super cool and extremely careless. While the personalities of both the lead characters are portrayed poles apart from each other, Galwakdi is the story of them falling in love with each other.

Mentioning the USP of characters, we felt the character development of the film was overdone. Tarsem at various points seems abrupt, and Wamiqa on the other hand seems supremely ill-mannered and annoying as well. We are sure this is not what the makers wanted to make their characters look like, but it’s unfortunate that they were actually so abnormal that we failed to connect with them even after enormous struggles. Both Tarsem and Wamiqa are exceptional actors which they have proved in their previous works already, but the director of this film failed to utilize them for good. 

But we are glad that the acting and performance scoreboard of the film has been saved by its supporting cast. Actors like BN Sharma, Raghveer Boli and Honey Mattu were an absolute bliss to watch on screen. They grabbed our attention every time they were on screen and they deserve applause for the same. 

Heading towards the story of the film, as we have already mentioned it above that this project is an effort to make a romantic-comedy film, but the story lacks emotions. Not only the romantic ones, but the humor too was not too strong to entertain the brave people sitting inside the theaters. If you are a person who likes the plot and characters of the film to follow logic, Galwakdi might irritate you at various moments. 

Not only this, we also have complaints with the direction, background score and editing of the film as well, because all these were hand in hand to make the first half of the film extremely boring. And how can we not mention that we already were disappointed with how slow the plot was heading before the songs of the film contributed to ruin our experience even more. 

This movie could have been ten times better if the personalities of the characters were not made too complicated, hard to relate with and with a better screenplay. The makers missed to benefit with the rich star cast they casted for the film. 

But before we conclude this review for you, let us give you a summary of what are the things you might like in the film. After the amazing performance of BN Sharma and Raghveer Boli, another thing that deserves appreciation is the styling team of the film. Nobody can disagree with the fact that Wamiqa looked super cool and peppy in all her trendy outfits, and Tarsem too killed it with his super decent gentleman looks. Also, there are a handful of dialogues that will impress you. 

So, the overall conclusion of the film states that Galwakdi is a romantic comedy film that you can watch if you are a fan of Wamiqa Gabbi or Tarsem Jassr. Also if you are looking for a light entertainer to enjoy with your friends, Galwakdi is waiting for you in the theaters.

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