Galwakdi Trailer REVIEW: The Tale Of Two Opposite Souls Falling In Love In The Most Unexpected Story

Tarsem Jassar and Wamiqa Gabbi starrer Galwakdi is finally set to be released in theaters on 31 December, 2021. The official trailer for the movie is finally out and there is a lot going on. What appears at the first instance to be a lovely and fun love story, turns out to be much more than that at the end.

Tarsem Jassar plays the role of Jagteshwar, who is a strict and over-disciplined young man, whose blood pressure rockets sky-high seeing a particle of ‘Bhujiya’ on his table. His whole family is fed-up with the prison-like environment they have to live in under Jagteshwar. 

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But things change when a girl, ‘Amber’ played by Wamiqa Gabbi, who is the polar opposite of Jagteshwar, enters the scene. She is jolly, fun-loving and reluctant to live her life according to others’ ways, even her parents. The two opposite poles of the magnet are brought under one roof and what follows is a huge clash that ultimately becomes a love story nobody could have imagined.

The trailer reaches towards its end with the song Galwakdi playing in the background, making the audience believe in the fairy world of Jagteshwar and Amber’s perfect love story when it is suddenly hit with the most unexpected twist. Amber is met with an accident and left covered in blood as she’s hit by a speeding car. The lovely trailer concludes with the injured Wamiqa falling into Tarsem Jassar’s hands.

Supported by actors like BN Sharma and Honey Mattu, the acting performances of the film feel upto the mark, at least in the trailer. The trailer has set the bar high for the film and considering that long wait that preceded the movie, this is a perfect trailer to start the Galwakdi journey. 

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