Gangster Preet Amritsaria Demands An Extortion Money Of 10 Lac From Singer Prem Dhillon

The latest breaking is the rift between singer Prem Dhillon and real-life Punjabi gangster Preet Amritsaria. It all started when gangster Preet Amritsaria demanded an extortion money of 10 lakhs from the singer. Prem denied giving him any money. 

So, the gangster decided to take revenge by targeting Prem’s family. He, along with some other gang members, reached Prem’s paternal house in Daulo Nangal, Amritsar at about 7:45 pm in a car and started indiscriminately firing at the house. Though they ran away on the spot to save themselves, Kuldeep Singh decided to take legal action against the criminals.

Kuldeep Singh, Prem Dhillon’s father, aged-49, took the matter to Beas Police. He lodged an FIR against Preet Amritsaria and unknown gang members for attempt to murder. 

Investigating officer Sikander Lal notified that a case has been registered against the gangster Preet Amritsaria and his accomplices under Section 307 of the IPC and the Arms Act. 

Prem Dhillon is a well known face in the Punjabi music industry. He is mostly known for his songs like Old Skool, Bootcut and Jatt Hunde Aa. It is tiring to see artists getting ransom calls and open threats from gangsters. We hope that the police takes the required legal action against the accused criminals and establish peace in the state.

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