Garry Sandhu Urges People To Take Care Of Their Friends And Family In These Hard Times

The second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic is quickly swallowing the whole country now. India has climbed up to the second position on the table of countries with maximum reported cases. The situation in Punjab, specifically, is very sensitive. As such, Punjabi singer Garry Sandhu has urged people to support their friends and families in these hard times, just as they support a celebrity who doesn’t even know they exist.

The celebrity-fan relationship is a bizarre one. A fan loves a celebrity unconditionally, supports him in his ups and downs, and the celebrity doesn’t even know they exist. But that doesn’t stop fans from loving and supporting their favorite celebs.

Garry has the same message for people. Show the same love for their friends and families because in these hard times, when everything has fallen to their knees in front of this deadly virus, it is us who can defeat it. 

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