Gigi Hadid Started following Varun Dhawan on Instagram After He Gets Slammed For Lifting Her

Recently Gigi Hadid and Varun Dhawan have been the talk of the town following the viral video of the NMACC launch in which Varun kissed Gigi on stage after lifting her. 

On Day 2 of the NMACC launch, Varun Dhawan picked up Gigi Hadid, turned her around, kissed her on the cheek, and then got her back on her feet. However, internet users observed that Gigi appeared anxious. Numerous internet users criticized the actor for his behavior and said Gigi appeared visibly uneasy. A user on Twitter described it as “the most embarrassing thing on the internet.”

Several internet users used Twitter to slam Varun. “If you are a woman, you are not safe anywhere with anyone,” read one of the numerous tweets. Guys like Varun Dhawan will randomly pick you up and kiss you without your consent, all in the name of having fun, even if you are Gigi Hadid and invited to a party with an “elite” crowd. ” The tweet has now been removed. Varun responded, stating that her performance on stage had already been scheduled.

“I guess today you woke up and decided to be woke. So lemme burst ur bubble and tell u it was planned for her to be on stage, so find a new Twitter cause to vent about rather than going out and doing something about things. Good morning.”

After Varun’s clarification, Gigi took to her Instagram stories and referred to the incident as her “Bollywood dream coming true.” She also shared a few laughing emojis. Also, Gigi began following Varun on Instagram following the incident.

American model Gigi Hadid has appeared in several music videos, including Pillowtalk, Flower, Bad Blood. The event was attended by Zendaya, Tom Holland, and Penelope Cruz, among others, in addition to Gigi Hadid.

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