Gippy Grewal Releases ‘Capsule’ Intro Of His Upcoming Album Limited Edition

Gippy Grewal Releases ‘Capsule’ Intro Of His Upcoming Album Limited Edition

Among the countless Punjabi music albums going to release this year, Gippy Grewal’s remains one of the most awaited. The album titled ‘Limited Edition’ is expected to bring the old Gippy back and give the audience a chance to re-live the Gippy-vibe. After months of waiting, Gippy has finally ended the audience’s sorrow, the intro for the album is finally here.

Gippy Grewal released the intro titled ‘Capsule’ through the official Youtube channel of Humble Music. The intro makes one thing very clear. This album does not have any replies, any questions or controversies, Gippy is here to make you dance and live the moment. Forget about everything and enjoy the music! 

This is an era where Punjabi music is often blamed for being very artist-centric and artists have been seen on various occasions replying to each other in their tracks but Gippy Grewal just wants to entertain you with this tape.

With Prince Kanwaljit’s unique voice doing the voiceover of the intro, it adds a different vibe to it. The intro is enough to make a statement that something big is coming and this time Gippy is not going to leave any stones unturned in making this album the best one of his life. 

Limited Edition has been one of the year’s most anticipated projects and the excitement of the audience went uncontrollable when they first heard the bonus track ‘2009 Re-heated’ from the album, which was a remake of an almost decade-old Gippy Grewal track. 

Speculations are that this album is going to be a remake of some of the biggest ever hits by Gippy Grewal throughout his career. Now that the intro is out, the album is surely very near to its release. We can expect it to drop soon and end all the speculations and rumours around it!

Watch the official intro here :

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