Good News for Amrinder Gill fans! Confirmed.

Amrinder Gill is undoubtedly one of the best singers we have in the Punjabi Industry. He has proved himself the best in the field of singing many times. And we believe, just like us, if you are also a fan of Amrinder Gill’s songs, then probably this news is going to make your day.

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Well, where we all are somehow managing to pass our time in this lockdown due to global pandemic COVID 19, Amrinder Gill is busy preparing a huge surprise for all his fans. He is working on multiple songs so that he can entertain us with the same after this lockdown.

In a TV interview, he said, “Everything has a positive and negative side attached to it. During the lockdown, I have recorded some 25-30 songs at home. I want to tell everyone that my album is ready and will release after the lockdown [after shooting the songs]. The album will be the first thing to release,” 

Amrinder Gill’s Last Non-film single was Supna, Witten by Jaani and composed by B Prak. The music video was amazingly shot by Sukh Sanghera.

Now, knowing this news, we all are eagerly waiting for all his songs, because each time he presents us with a new project or song, it is always worth listening to a loop. Amrinder Gill is the first choice and most favorite of all the people who are in love with Punjabi culture and literature. Other than music and singing, Amrinder Gill has won the hearts of his fans through his acting skills as well. Hence, we believe he can never be defined as a singer or an actor only, but he is definitely a true artist.

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Coming back to the news of his upcoming Album, we know it is going to rock, because Amrinder Gill can never let the expectations of his fans down. Because his voice is the most beautiful bliss for ears, we are super excited and eagerly waiting for his songs. Are you?

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