Google Fined A Whopping 936 Crore In India! 2nd Penalty Within A Week

Google undoubtedly is the go-to search option for all of us. But do you know that your favourite search engine is going through some serious troubles in India? The Competition Commission of India aka CCI has recently fined Google a whopping amount of rupees 936 crores. And this is not a small deal, because this is the second fine on google within a week. 

The CCI imposed its first penalty on Google for anti-competitive practices related to Android on Thursday last week. The CCI, on October 20 imposed a penalty of Rs 1,337.76 crore on Google for abusing its dominant position in multiple markets in the Android mobile device ecosystem.

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After yet another antitrust probe this month, the US tech firm was found guilty of abusing its dominant market position to promote its payments app and in-app payment system, according to the CCI on Tuesday.

The CCI tweeted it fined Google for anti-competitive practices in relation to its Play Store policies.

The CCI said the Android mobile ecosystem’s primary software distribution channel is Google’s Play Store, which enables its owners to profit from the apps released to the market.

According to Google’s Play Store policies, app developers must exclusively use Google Play’s Billing System (GPBS) to accept payments for apps distributed or sold through the Google Play Store and for some in-app purchases.

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In reaction to the whopping fine, a Google spokesman said, “We remain committed to our users and developers and are reviewing the decision to evaluate the next steps.”

Google’s spokesperson added, “Indian developers have benefited from tech, security, consumer protections & unrivaled choice and flexibility that Android & Google Play provide. By keeping costs low, our model powered India’s digital transformation and expanded access for hundreds of millions of Indians.”

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The two fines imposed on Google by CCI in less than a week have made the total penalty on Google worth ₹2,274 core. With this, the CCI has ordered Google to cease and desist from all “unfair business practices” and modify its conduct within a specific time.

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