Hans Raj Hans brokedown on phone! Very emotional voice note.

On 12th may we told you that Yuvraj Hans and Mansi have turned parents. The baby was delivered in Chandigarh and because of lockdown family and close relatives aren’t able to meet the newborn.

Yuvraj and Mansi have named the newborn “Hredaan Yuvraj Hans”.


Hredaan is a Sanskrit word with a numerology number 6 and means “Great Heart”. We would tell you that Those with the number 6 are mature and sensible. They enjoy creature comforts and may have an artistic flair. Well, being born a respected musical family you would expect the same with any numerology number.

Kids receive most love from their Daadu Daadi and when its celebration time in the family but Daadu Hans Raj Hans is not been able to be there, it’s surely a very emotional time as they are continuously worried about newborn’s health and want to feel every cute thing kid does.

Here is how Daadu Hans Raj Hans expressed his emotions in a voice note to Hredaan:


Even when we heard it for the first time we were very moved as its a very pure emotional and you could sense the helplessness in Daadu’s voice. We pray that this lock-down is over soon and family reunites and celebrates this moment.

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