‘He Abandoned Mom For Money’. Navjot Sidhu’s Sister Put Serious Allegations On The Politician.

Punjab Congress’ Chief Navjot Singh Sidhu who is preparing and looking forward to compete in the upcoming Punjab elections 2022 seems to be drowning in some serious troubles now. The politician has always been in the news headlines for his contradictory statements for opposite political parties and his promises as well. And he is yet again in the news highlights but the reason behind the current situation is something else. 

As per reports, Suman Toor, the elder sister of Navjot Singh Sidhu has accused her brother of ruining the family. She stated that he deserted their old mother for the sake of money. Not only this, but Suman also described Sidhu as a very cruel person as he abandoned her out of the house along with her mother when their father died in 1986. 

Suman, who lives in the U.S. and is currently in Chandigarh recently addressed a press conference in Chandigarh and appeared in front of the media. And there she spilled the beans about whatever she and her mother had to go through. She revealed that the health conditions of her mother were severe and she even was hospitalized for almost 4 months. And her mother actually lost the battle with her bad physical health and died at Delhi Railway Station as a destitute in the year 1989. Suman claims that Sidhu had cut the ties with her and her mother to solely claim the benefits of their late father’s property and money. Suman also quoted, ‘He also lied to the media about our mother’s separation with our father in an interview with India Today in 1987. And my mother had also approached the court regarding all the lies Sidhu had been telling to the media. He still has no proof to justify the same.’

70 year old Suman also stated that she came to meet her brother Sidhu on 20th January, but he refused to meet her and didn’t even open the door for her. 

“I was compelled to address a press conference after attempts to contact Navjot Singh Sidhu failed. He has blocked me on his phone. His servants also do not open doors. I want justice for my mother. I am a 70-year-old and revealing these things about our family is really tough”, said Suman.

For now, Sidhu has not released any official statement in reply to all these serious allegations against him. And the fact that these allegations have actually come under the limelight when Sidhu is busy promoting his party for the upcoming assembly elections can have really negative effects on the same. 

For now all this is the statement of Suman only, and we consider it as a one sided story that’s exactly presented to you how it has been reported.

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