Here Is The Reason Behind Jaswinder Bhalla’s Beard Transformation

Jaswinder Bhalla is the heartbeat of the Punjabi Film Industry because his presence can make any scene more lively and interesting. And if you’re one who follows Jaswinder Bhalla on social media, you know that the man has transformed his looks. And this effortless transformation took place as his beard turned white from black.

Since the lockdown due to global pandemic Coronavirus made everyone explore something new, Jaswinder Bhalla was one amongst those who explored and experimented with their looks. 

Though in Mr. Bhalla’s case he was helpless, the situation made him look even more appealing.

Jaswinder Bhalla revealed in an interview that he buys his tair die from Switzerland, because the brands available in India don’t suit him and cause irritation. But he wasn’t able to arrange it, hence he had to deal with greying of his beard hair. 

He also spoke about how the government of India approached him to raise awareness about COVID-19 through a video. And when he did, his grey beard hair caught everyone’s attention.

He became talk of the town and soon started getting compliments for his new look. Many of his well wishers and known friends admired his white beard and suggested him to maintain the look.

Jaswinder Bhalla himself liked the look and decided to keep it as his generic one.  

By the way, Jaswinder Bhalla is really killing it on Instagram as he shows off his white beard with complete grace.

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