Here Is Why Director Jagdeep Sidhu Can’t Stop Praising Gurnam Bhullar

Movies are fictional, the characters, the dialogues, the story, the conclusion, and when every fake thing combines it makes a great movie. But what’s the only thing which is not fake in it is the effort. Be it the effort of the actor, director, writer or anybody, effort is the realest thing ever in this entire world. 

And this exactly is the reason which made director Jagdeep Sidhu emotional and appreciate Gurnam Bhullar a lot.

Jagdeep recently shared an Instagram post in which he shared a few recent pictures of Gurnam Bhullar. In the caption he praised Gurnam Bhullar for the efforts he put in the movie. We all know Gurnam gained nearly 30 kgs of weight for Lekh which is neither easy nor a small deal. 

And especially when it’s about an actor, it’s not easy to take such risks about their physical appearance. 

Jagdeep talked about the same.

We are sure what Jagdeep wrote will make you love Gurnam Bhullar a little more.

Jagdeep wrote, “jido koi enna believe karda hai kise kahani ch v oh apna sab hi gawa dinda hai …. health v …. 30 kg gain kar ke apna shareer kharab kar lena …. izzat v …apne shows de vich jaloos ghada lena… v ki book kita c te ki aaya hai eh … koi kehnda c depression ch chala gaya … koi kehnda c nashe karan lag gaya … mainu ni pata es film da ki hona par mainu eh pata …. jedi line di aapa jido pehli waar mile c oss din to gal karde aaye aa …. Lekh naal tu oh line tap gaya ….. brave effort. love you ….aaj changa lagya enne dina baad teri original shakal dekh de”

To this Gurnam also replied by commenting,

“Appa time tapp ge, appa dowe, can’t thanks waheguru enough to have a mentor brother partner in my life , my every single effort is to feel my mentor proud , love u ustad.”

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