Here Is Why People Doubt Harrdy Sandhu Is A Punjabi Or Not

Harrdy Sandu, an artist whose songs never cease to mesmerise us all. His songs like ‘Soch’, ‘Joker’, ‘Kya Baat Ay’, ‘Bijlee Bijlee’ and many more have hit millions of views on various platforms. Not only a great singer, he is also a talented actor. After his Punjabi movies, ‘Yaaran Da Katchup’ and ‘Mera Mahi NRI’, he gave a spectacular performance in the Bollywood movie ‘83’. 

Without any doubt, Harrdy Sandhu is an artist who wins various hearts with his performance. But do you know that before entering into the world of entertainment industry , famous Punjabi singer, Harrdy Sandhu was in fact a cricketer. In his journey of cricket, he had been to almost every corner of India. His mindset widened with that. That is why, when he stepped into singing as a career he wanted to make songs for pan India. 

You will be amazed to know that not everyone gets convinced that Harrdy Sandhu is a Punjabi by birth. Once he went for a show in Ludhiana. The soundcheck was going on, and at that very moment, the DJ said, “It’s good that they did not book the artist from Punjab.” Then, Hardy told him that he is a Punjabi. 

In an interview, Harrdy Sandhu said, “Whenever I meet anyone from Punjab, and talk to them in Punjabi. They tell me that you speak Punjabi very well. I always say I am the son of Punjabi Jatts; How can I not speak Punjabi? I have been in the village a lot, did farming myself, drove a tractor, and even ploughed the land.”

Harrdy Sandhu always wanted to release music tracks in simple Punjabi only. The reason behind it was that he wanted everyone in the nation to understand his songs; so that everyone can relate and can get entertained. Well, the motive is Harrdy Sandhu is very well attained as the entire India dances on the beats of his songs.

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