Here’s Why Pakistani Farmers Going To Protest Against The Imran Khan Government

The social media knows no boundary hence stories from across the borders are also made available online and become the talk about topics. And currently, one such story is the upcoming Farmers Protest in Pakistan. This news is making headlines and people on social media are talking about it.

But not everyone knows what’s the entire matter and what exactly is the reason behind this planned protest. If you’re also someone who is unaware of the matter, here is what you need to know. The farmers of Pakistan are planning to protest against the ruling government and PM Imran Khan for their recent move on revoking GST Exemption from agricultural inputs like maize hybrid imported seeds, rice hybrid seeds, vegetable seeds, fodder seeds, all local seeds, fish meal, animal feed, soyabean, raw cotton, benola, cottonseed oil, oil cakes, agricultural machinery, poultry machinery and much more.

The news is making headlines and this decision has been made after many meetings with the government that went useless. Khalid Mehmood Khkhar, the president of Pakistan Kissan Ittehad (PKI) stated, “After several fruitless meetings with the representatives of the federal and provincial government, the organization is forced to stage a demonstration in Multan followed by all the districts and provincial and federal capital.”

He also said that neither farmers nor animals get any loans from IMF, then why their lives are being made difficult on the basis of IMF’s conditions. Hence, not only farmers, and their children but animals, poultry, fish would also join this protest. For now, it has been decided that this unique protest will take place on 14th February, in the Multan City of Pakistan’s Punjab. 

Earlier one such protest in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was joined by the chairman of Pakistan’s Peoples Party, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari who blamed the Pak-government and said that this handicapped government  has harmed the country’s agricultural economy as much as it had harmed the overall economy in the last three years.

One such protest was held in India also and it became the largest protest not only in the history of India, but worldwide. Indian farmers protest for almost a year against the government’s farm laws. The Indian Farmers Protest started in September 2020 and ended on 11th December 2021. 

Source: Mathrubhumi & Republic World

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