Himanshi Khurana Enjoys ‘Mela’ With Friends. Faced Troubles Too!

Punjabi actress and model Himanshi Khurana definitely enjoyed the most at this Valentine’s Day. No fancy restaurants, no costly dates and no show off, but still she enjoyed loads.

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She visited a local Valentine’s fair ‘Mela’ with her friends. Undoubtedly it was super fun and exciting, but she landed into some troubles as well. Her fan base is known to us all, and we know how easily a fan can identify her at any public location. This is exactly what happened with the actress, as she reached the Mela spot completely dressed up, and caught the attention of her fans. 

But she didn’t let this spoil her plans, as she made a U Turn, went back home, changed her clothes and came back to enjoy Mela. 

Himanshi Khurana Looks Like A Red Velvet Cake In Her Red Lehenga

She enjoyed rides and also treated her taste buds with street food. 

She has uploaded the video on her YouTube channel. You can watch the video here;

Her plans for Valentine were surely very unusual and exciting, but this also helped her have a glimpse of a celebrity’s life. They might have all the limelight, fame and money, but still their life is not as easy as we think it is.

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