Honsla Rakh Review: With All Laughters, And Melodrama, The Movie Wins Our Hearts

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Starcast: Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa, Shehnaaz Gill & Shinda Grewal.

Directed by: Amarjit Singh Saron 

Can the day be any better? Honsla Rakh, the movie which thousands of fans were waiting for is finally on the silver screens! We have witnessed the theatre hall with fans from diverse age groups. There were kids, youngsters, couples and even elderly Cinnaholic. 

Each one is well aware of the fact that Honsla Rakh is a movie with the most anticipated starcast with four leads; Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa, Shehnaaz Gill and Shinda Grewal. And since we have started with mentioning their name, we cannot wait to appreciate their acting skills later. They all have done commendable jobs, and starting with Diljit, as usual his expressions and acting have left us amazed this time also. Sonam is the show stealer when it comes to glamour and beauty. And when we talk about Shinda and Shehnaaz, we must say, their performance turned out to be phenomenal & beyond our expectations. While Shinda Grewal is the one superhero of the movie, who made sure he leaves no stone unturned, Shehnaaz has surely put a lot of hardwork in her performance, which is clearly visible when she is on screen. Her acting skills have been improved and this can be easily judged if you compare this movie with her previous projects. 

Now, moving forward to the story and characters of the movie, Diljit plays a single parent to Shinda Grewal (Honsla), who is desperate to find a lady to marry, Shehnaaz plays a fashion designer who is divorced to Diljit and married to a white man, and Sonam Bajwa plays a Yoga teacher and also the love interest of Diljit Dosanjh. If we talk about the story, it highlights a lot of aspects directly and indirectly which include the father-son relationship, a love story, struggles of a single parent and a beautiful message that says there is nothing wrong in trying your luck in love after a failed relationship. From funny to slightly emotional moments, there is a lot in the movie which is going to entertain you for sure. But one thing that describes the vibe of the movie is the fact that it will make sure to keep you laughing from the beginning to the end. 

We undoubtedly are happy with the overall experience of watching Honsla Rakh, but there are some points in the movie which are extremely outstanding. Like, you must have heard the viral statement of Diljit Dosanjh from an Interview in which he said that he feels Shinda is his son more than of Gippy Grewal, this is exactly what you’re going to feel after watching the movie. The on-screen chemistry of Diljit Dosanjh and Shinda Grewal as father and son was lit on fire. There was not a single moment or scene where they were on screen, and we weren’t excited. Also this duo has proved that it’s not always boring but can be cool too. 

Since we have included the maximum points which made us giggle and left us impressed, we can surely conclude that if we had to choose one character which outshined the most, it was of Shinda Grewal as Honsla. And we stand by Diljit’s statement when he said, “Shinda Grewal Will Surpass Gippy Grewal’s Stardom In Few Years”. 

Though the movie was an amazing entertainer, we are only disappointed with its expected and usual happy endings. After we watched the amazing trailer, we expected even more from the movie’s story, but unfortunately, it was all that the trailer had, with some emotions, comedy and heart-winning melodrama. We also believe that if its music was a little better, it could have uplifted the overall feel of the movie. So basically, if the story of the movie was wider, unexpected & realistic, and the music was better, we would have considered Honsla Rakh as the 5/5 stars. 

But anyway, we are cherishing the best out of it, and we believe, Honsla Rakh is the kind of entertainer we all needed for a long time, hence without any second thoughts, it is a must-watch. 

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