House Of Khalsa’s ‘Heritage’ collection is a tribute to ‘Guru’

House Of Khalsa is a luxurious watch brand that was designed in Melbourne. House Of Khalsa is the world’s first Sikh luxurious watch brand driven by spirituality. House Of Khalsa is celebrating the anniversary of the ‘Heritage’ collection. The watch model by the House of Khalsa known as ‘Heritage’ was released in 2020. It is a perfect combination of heritage style and culture. 

The ‘Heritage’ makes a powerful statement of cultural pride with its modern aesthetic style and classic features. This collection is a salutation to the sons of Guru Gobind Singh and the Guru himself because Guru Gobind Singh was known as Chittian Bajanvala or ‘Master of The White Hawk.’ His favorite hawk, Chitta Baz would perch on his right hand when the Guru would journey on a Shikar (hunt) or when he participated in falconry. The ‘Heritage’ is a tribute to the Guru, his teachings, and his namesake as the master of the white hawk. 

The watch features classic lines and curves, such as an embossed Khanda Sahib, a crown with an embossed Khanda Sahib symbol hallmark, and a Caseback with an embossed Symbol of excellence and the year the Khalsa was founded and the essence of the Sikh anthem on its Caseback. The materials used contribute to the classic look, including a sundial and gold accents, along with a choice of Japanese or Swiss-made movement.

The intricate details of the ‘Heritage’ go beyond its looks. It is a piece of history for any wearer. The design pays homage to the rich history of martial heritage like no other that originated in India, from the region of Punjab. 

The ‘Heritage’ embodies the Jaikara (Sikh War Cry) when you set your eyes on it. The marvelous design comes together in unison and harmony so well that the beholder does nothing but admire it. Proof of the success of this brand says it all since its launch which has now graced thousands of wrists worldwide. Understanding its beauty is and step towards something that is much more than a watch and gives you much more than time.

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