How Did Kaur B Make It To The Music Industry As A Singer?

Kaur B is one of the leading female artists of the Punjabi Music Industry. For years, she has been entertaining her fans and making her honest contribution to Punjabi music. On the occasion of this wonderful artist, let’s know how Baljinder Kaur ended up as one of the most successful female artists of Punjab, Kaur B. 

Kaur B was always a singing enthusiast. During her childhood days, she used to go to the Gurdwara Sahib of the village with her father and she used to sing religious hymns (Shabad). Even in her school, she used to sing a lot and participate in various competitions. So her love for singing was internal and she knew what she was destined to do. 

She then went on to participate in various Punjabi reality singing shows like Awaaz Punjab Di, Voice Of Punjab and seeing the abnormal support and love she got from the public, she decided to choose singing as her all-time career. Before this, Kaur B was almost unknown to singing as a career because there was no one in her family from a singing background.

Kaur B’s success in reality tv shows and her love for singing from childhood made her family believe that this was what Kaur B was made for. When she sang her first official song, she felt like she had fulfilled her desire, but her family knew, once you start loving an art, there’s no going back. You keep falling into it till the time it becomes your life and you are whined up in an unbreakable bond with the art. 

Similar things happened with Kaur B and she went on to pursue her career as a singer in the Punjabi Music Industry and soon became one of the most loved artists of Punjab.

This gave us a melodious voice and hundreds of songs to cheer our mood up. It’s been almost 8 years since Kaur B first stepped up in the industry and till date, her popularity and love among fans haven’t declined a bit. She is still rocking the industry the way she was doing years ago.

We wish the Paranda queen Kaur B a very Happy Birthday!

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