How Did Satinder Sartaaj Prepare For His Debut Movie ‘The Black Prince’?

Satinder Sartaaj’s contribution to the Punjabi Music Industry has been priceless and he is by far one of the greatest, most soulful and unique Punjabi artists of all time. But what goes unnoticed is Sartaaj of Sur’s contribution to the Punjabi Film Industry.

The Black Prince, released in 2017, was the first ever Punjabi and Hollywood film crossover. Interestingly, it was also the debut film of Satinder Sartaaj. Making debut in the industry with a film produced by a Hollywood production house, Brillstein Entertainment Partners, Sartaaj’s debut was already great. But how did Sartaaj prepare for this film full of grandeur and royalty chronicling the life of the great Maharaja Duleep Singh?

Maharaja Duleep Singh was the youngest son of the late Maharaja Ranjeet Singh and the last King of the Sikh Empire. So, to enhance himself, according to the Maharaja, Sartaaj’s preparations were sleek and precise. He was chosen for the role because the director, Kavi Raz, found resemblance in his features with the Maharaja. 

Sartaaj had to join an acting school specially to prepare for his grand debut film. He went to an acting school in Mumbai to enhance his acting skills. On the sets of The Black Prince, the directors had specially arranged refined acting coaches for the cast. The coaches would keep a check on Sartaaj’s dialect. They would also make sure that the actor does not drift away from the British Victorian accent of the 1800s. 

The behaviour of the Maharajas was also very important to adapt for Sartaaj. They were not very loud. Their way of speaking, talking, moving or simply doing any chore was full of royalty and grandeur and it was important to portray the same in the movie. 

So, it wasn’t an easy journey for Sartaaj to prepare himself for the movie. He had to portray the whole life of Maharaja, from his teens to his old age. But we all know what a perfectionist Satinder Sartaaj is. The journey wasn’t easy but when you are Satinder Sartaaj, you can nail anything!

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