India’s 7 Most Popular, Heart Wrenching & Stressing Murder Mysteries That Can Freak Anyone Out

India is a country that has witnessed various murders and crimes in the past few years. While the police department and law always try their best to investigate and bring justice, not every case is solved. 

There are many murder-mystery cases which are still unsolved and can give severe headaches to anyone. The details and stories of these cases still do rounds on social media, and many of these are even left open in the courtrooms. Family members and close ones of many victims and deceased are still waiting for justice, but when will the justice serve? Nobody knows.

Here Are 7 Most Popular & Unsolved Murder Mysteries Of India

Aarushi Talwar & Hemraj Banjade Murder Case

Aarushi Talwar & Hemraj Banjade were the two victims in a very popular and sensational murder case. This was a double murder case that took place in 2007 in Noida. It involved the death of a 14 YO young girl; Aarushi Talwar and the family’s servant Hemraj Banjade.

It was first believed that Hemraj murdered Aarushi, but his decomposed body was found lying on the terrace. The murder charges were then shifted to Aarushi’s parents who were even imprisoned for the same. But when the case reopened, there was no strong evidence and the case was closed without conviction. 

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Amar Singh Chamkila

Amar Singh Chamkila is considered one of the best live performers of history when it comes to Punjabi music. The artist was shot dead with his pregnant wife Amarjot Kaur and two band members Gill Surjit and Raja.

The incident took place on 7 March 1977 at approximately 2 o’clock. A mischievous group on bikes shot fires at the couple at other band members resulting in the death of 4. This murder case is still considered one of the biggest murder mysteries in India, and the fans are still not over it. 

Pradyumn Thakur Murder Case

Who could forget the murder case of 7 YO innocent kid Pradyumn Thakur? The student of the second standard at Ryan International School, Gurgaon was found dead in the school’s washroom.

It was earlier believed that a school bus conductor had killed Pradyumn and he had also confessed his crime. But all this turned out to be false when CBI’s investigation proved a student of the eleventh standard murderer. To postpone the school exam and parent-teacher’s meeting, the senior student brutally murdered 7 YO Pradyumn. 

This case ran for a very long time and wrenched the hearts of lakhs of people. This murder case stayed a mystery for a long time and when it was finally solved, it left the nation numb.

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Sunanda Pushkar Murder Case

Sunanda Pushkar was the wife of a former Indian diplomat and politician Shashi Tharoor. Her dead body was found in the hotel Leela Palace, Delhi and the news became a sensation immediately after it was reported. It was first believed that she had committed suicide, but reports later revealed that she died of unnatural reasons. There were injuries on her body and it was discovered that she was poisoned.

Her murder case is still unsolved and one angle that spiced the case, even more, was the fact that Sunanda was murdered a day after she accused Pakistani journalist Mehr Trar of stalking her husband on Twitter.

Scarlett Keeling’s Death

Scarlett Keeling was a 15 YO British tourist who had come to India for a six-month-long vacation with her family. She had left to attend Valentine’s Day party at Anjuna and her bruised, injured and half-naked body was discovered near the beach a few days after the party.

Two Indian men Samson D’Souza and Placido Carvalho were blamed for sexually abusing and the murder of Scarlett but were released free due to lack of evidence in the 2016 judgement. The eye witness had denied to come to court which resulted in wiping off the criminal charges against the two accused men. 

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The Stoneman

The Stoneman is not only one of the most popular and spine-chilling murder mysteries of India, but the man is also counted among the most brutal serial killers in the criminal history of India.

Reportedly, he had killed more than 13 homeless people while they were asleep. It is only believed that ‘The Stoneman is behind all these brutal murders, but till date, no one knows if the series of murders were committed by the same man or a group or if there were more people involved in this. 

Rizwanur Rahman Murder Case

Rizwanur Rahman’s murder case was a very high-profile murder mystery of its time. Rizwanur was a 30 YO Muslim man who fell in love with Priyanka Todi. Priyanka was the daughter of industrialist Ashok Todi, head of Lux Hosiery Group. The couple got married, but Ashok Todi was not happy with his daughter’s decision.

Priyanka was compelled to come back to her family, her father did not allow Rizwanur to talk to her. And days after, the dead body of Rizwanur was found on a Railway track in Kolkata. It is believed that Ashok Todi is involved in this murder but due to his power and authority, the case was shut without any evidence and criminal charges against him. 

This was the list of India’s top 7 popular and unsolved murder mysteries. But we are sure there are a lot many like these which are lying hidden under secrets and mysteries. The internet can give you access to many such stories, but in the end, the question remains the same. When will justice serve? Nobody knows.

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