Is 14 March The Date Of Sidhu Moosewala’s New Album

Ever since Sidhu Moosewala broke into the Punjabi industry, the industry and the artist, both haven’t looked back. The artist has become one of the most popular in the country in a short span of time. And today, Sidhu has achieved such a place in the industry that everything he does is news. The singer had been inactive for long. Only “Sin” is the notable track of the artist that has been released in a period of 4 months. And comparing it to Sidhu’s standards, it is a disappointment so far for his fans. 

But recently the artist had done something suspicious with his Instagram account. He reduced his following to 1 from 8 and only follows Canadian Rapper, Drake, presently. All the previous posts had vanished from his account even the profile picture had been removed. On 9 March, Wednesday, Sidhu uploaded the first post on his account. It was a video of the Legendary American rapper, Tupac Shakur.

All these actions and now the post hints at something big coming up from Sidhu’s side. Interestingly, Sidhu has previously mentioned in many of his interviews that he is a hardcore Tupac fan and idolizes the artist. Notably, Tupac’s album “Me against the world” had dropped on 14 March 1995. The album is described as Tupac’s most introspective album of all time. 

Sidhu’s love for Tupac, actions with his account, all have made fans wonder if 14 march is the big date and if Sidhu’s going to drop some “fire” on the 14th of March. All we can do is wait for the date to arrive and wonder what Sidhu is holding back for his fans. Also Read: Bigg Boss Fame Asim Riaz Meets Sidhu Moosewala

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