Is Gagan Kokri Replying To Garry Sandhu In His Recent Instagram Story?

Can you think of a day the Punjabi music industry didn’t have a controversy in recent times? No! Because there is none, everyday is a new controversy day in the industry and this time Garry Sandhu might have initiated one. 

Following Garry’s reply to a fan’s comment on his Instagram post, Garry might have upset a few singers by saying that he can sing better than them. One of the singers mentioned in the comment was Gagan Kokri.

While every artist reacted differently to Garry’s comment, Gagan Kokri woke up and chose violence. Public opinion is that Gagan Kokri’s recent Instagram story is a reply to Garry Sandhu’s comment, and if this is true, it for sure is a befitting reply. Take a look :

Gagan Kokri clearly wrote that he is referring to ‘Sandhu’ in the story. The public is suspicious if the Sandhu being referred to is Garry Sandhu. The artist wrote that nobody should judge others for their abilities, because everyone here is working and hustling to earn a livelihood. 

Ending the story with a ‘Darbari raag’ singing face-off challenge, Gagan Kokri said that the person being referred to in the story has his contact number and even knows where he lives, so they can meet at any time.

Team Kiddan by no means offers any confirmation that Gagan Kokri’s comments are a reply to Garry Sandhu and the news is totally based on popular opinion.

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