Is Sonam Bajwa Leaving A Hint To Collaborate With Sidhu Moosewala In Yet Another Track?

Sonam Bajwa starred alongside Sidhu Moosewala for the 6th track, Brown Shortie, of the 25-track long album. The fans have already been shock-struck by seeing Sonam in the sizzling avatar in the music video but she might have something bigger to blow our minds. 

The actress recently posted a pic with Sidhu Moosewala on her instagram account and the caption of the post read ‘NEXT’. Ever since, fans are becoming curious if Sonam Bajwa is going to star alongside Sidhu in another song on the album.

The fans are making their guesses. Though the official schedule and tracklist of the album does not show Sonam Bajwa featuring in any Moosetape song besides Brown Shortie, but Sidhu had already made a statement with the release of bonus track ‘Unfuckwithable’, that this album is totally unpredictable and anything can happen. We can probably see Sonam Bajwa in another song going to be released as a bonus track on the album.

Sidhu’s latest album is full of surprises. At one end, the unique beats, the quality of the music videos and the new form of Sidhu Moosewala surely makes the album different, but there is much more to it that is making everyone suspicious. 

Sidhu had promised a 25-track album, but so far we have got posters of only 23 tracks. When the poster of Brown Shortie was released, it was described as a track by Sidhu featuring British rapper Mist, but ended up as a Sidhu-Sonam starrer. Even the tracklist of the album is missing out on a couple of tracks, the posters have been released but there’s no mention of them in the official tracklist. 

All this mystery and then Sonam’s post is making fans expect the unexpected from Sidhu Moosewala this time. The next song lined up on the tracklist is ‘Aroma’, a single by Sidhu Moosewala and produced by The Kidd. Let’s just wait for further announcements regarding the album because Sidhu is playing with us this time and the audience is excited about it. 

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