Jailaan (Moosa Jatt) Review: The First Song From Sidhu Moosewala’s Moosa Jatt Is Finally Out

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After owning the year with his album MooseTape that went on to gain worldwide recognition, Sidhu Moosewala has now shifted his interest to the film industry. He’s already announced three big titles releasing this year and the next. Moosa Jatt, scheduled to be released on 1 October, will mark the acting debut of the artist in a lead role.

Soon after dropping the official teaser of the film, Sidhu Moosewala has now dropped the first track from the Moosa Jatt movie. ‘Jailaan’ has been sung, written and composed by Sidhu Moosewala himself and his partner in music, The Kidd has produced the music of the song. Dense Music has mixed and mastered the song, who also mixed and mastered the whole MooseTape.

The title of the song is enough to reveal what the song is about. Sidhu is known for these songs and he’s released another one of the same type. The message is loud and clear, ‘Jail can imprison the body, but not the conscience’. Moosa Jatt is going to be an action-based movie, as the teaser of the movie suggested and the first song fits in the theme completely well.

The music is good too. The Kidd has done an amazing job on the beat. It is simple and gets on well with the song to create a vibe. Though it’s not something unique and not many experiments have been done with the beat. There is a constant beat throughout the song. When Sidhu gets on to write these bold and strong songs, his pen writes magic. And it’s been repeated once again, Jailaan has very strong lyrics!

It is an amazing song. Even if it wouldn’t have been a part of Moosa Jatt, it was a banger. This is a perfect song to get the audience excited for the upcoming movie Moosa Jatt. It was a highly anticipated movie and now the release is so near that the audience is becoming too impatient. Almost a month remains till Sidhu Moosewala officially turns into an actor, for the timing we can buzz this song on our car speakers!

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