Jasmine Sandlas Is Winning Hearts With Her Recent Release Royi Na

Jasmine Sandlas has always impressed us with her perfect vocals and commendable skills. 

She has recently released her new track Royi Na on her YouTube Channel.

We had to listen to the song twice to provide a perfect review for you. Because the first time we were listening to the track, we were lost in a different world. 

The track is a soulful presentation of the feelings a broken heart goes through. If you have been heartbroken or have been struggling with sadness, this track is going to cheer you up.

Every time it’s about Jasmine Sandlas, we love the fact that she always put her heart and soul in the song which can be easily felt by the listeners.

Royi Na is not only worth listening to but it’s a kind of track that deserves to be heard on loop. 

Imagine about a night, when you are alone, feeling a little low and questioning your sadness. This song will become your true companion on every such night. 

While sharing the poster and announcement of Royi Na on her Instagram account, Jasmine Sandlas also shared a heartfelt and very personal note. She wrote,

‘Today I set myself free from the pain I endured while I lived in Mohali. Sometimes I wish I could go back and change some things. But the truth is it was necessary. I am thankful. I am free.’


We assure you the song is as heartwarming as her Instagram post. Though she is taking time to release her projects, she is winning our hearts with her every new release.

People are easily connecting with not only her soulful voice, but also the pain in it and her heart touching lyrics too.

If you haven’t listened to the track already, here we are helping you with the link to it. And trust us when we say you’ll never regret it.

We wish we could have a heart-to-heart conversation with Jasmine and let her know personally how beautiful her songs are and how beautifully we embrace them.

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