John Abraham Joins The Shoot Of Shah Rukh Khan Starter PATHAN

Bollywood action powerhouse John Abraham has finally set his foot on the sets of his upcoming movie ‘Pathan’. The action star will be playing the lead villain in the movie opposite Shah Rukh Khan. 

Shah Rukh Khan had started shooting last week, when the restrictions were lifted post the second wave of coronavirus and now the villain, John Abraham has joined the team to shoot his part with Shah Rukh.

Aditya Chopra and Siddharth Anand are making sure that this YRF productions project turns out to be one of the biggest Bollywood films of all time. With a blockbuster superstar cast, the motive of the makers is very clear. Some schedules of Pathan are also going to be shot abroad, most probably in Europe, once the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted. 

Interestingly, the movie will feature Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, two of the biggest Bollywood actors, in a single frame. Salman Khan is expected to play the role of ‘Tiger’ and rumours suggest that the makers are doing everything to make this reunion of the Khans as great as possible. 

Salman Khan is expected to make an iconic entry into the film in a chopper. Karan Arjun, which is an all time Bollywood Classic, was the first time these actors were each other’s counterparts. Shah Rukh Khan also made a cameo appearance in Salman Khan’s movie ‘Tubelight’, but the fans wanted more and Pathan is going to deliver more. 

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