Kali Jotta Movie Review: Neeru Bajwa Shines & Pollywood Proves Its Worth

StarcastNeeru Bajwa, Wamiqa Gabbi, Satinder Sartaaj
DirectorVijay Kumar Arora
Kiddaan Rating

The latest Punjabi movie Kali Jotta has been released in the theaters near us, and we are telling you to watch it at the very beginning. And in this Kali Jotta movie review, you get to know more precise details about what makes the film a must-watch. 

Kali Jotta was announced starring Neeru Bajwa, Wamiqa Gabbi and Satinder Sartaaj in the leading roles. Not only did the announcement excite us all but also forced us to make almost every kind of guess about the film. We expected it to be a love triangle, but is that the case? Well, not really. Read our Kali Jotta movie review to know all about this special Punjabi movie. 


The story of Kali Jotta is one of the most beautiful things about the film. In fact, this is the backbone that has supported everything else. In Kali Jotta, you’ll get to watch the tragic life story of a woman. Her transformation from a college student to a government school teacher and then a patient in a mental asylum will squeeze your heart. 

Neeru Bajwa plays the lead role of Rabia who’s unfortunate enough to lose everything in her life. From the love of her life to her father and hope, she is left with nothing but endless tears in her eyes. On the other hand, Satinder Sartaaj and Wamiqa Gabbi also play two leading roles in the film. While Sartaaj is seen as Rabia’s love interest Deedar, Wamiqa plays her lawyer student Anant. 

In Kali Jotta, you will see a mutual effort of friends to serve justice to Rabia. We cannot really disclose much about the film in detail to avoid spoilers, but we can guarantee this story is unique and was much required in the Punjabi Film Industry. 

Acting & Performances

In our Kali Jotta movie review, we are now heading to discuss the acting and performances of artists in this film. While Neeru Bajwa, Satinder Sartaaj and Wamiqa Gabbi are seen in the leading roles, more amazing actors like Prince KJ, Rupinder Rupi, Sukhwinder Chahal and more will also be seen in pivotal supporting roles. 

And without wasting any time, it’s time to reveal that Neeru Bajwa stole the show. The actress has once again proved her acting skills shine brighter than her skin. Neeru has given various profound performances earlier also, but Kali Jotta has literally recorded the best out of her. The film focuses on crime against women, and the makers have used Neeru Bajwa to convey the message directly. There is genuinely no second thought in stating no other actress could have pulled this role better than Neeru. 

Now coming to Satinder Sartaaj and Wamiqa Gabbi, two also did justice to the assigned roles. Sartaaj’s acting looked very natural in every frame and Wamiqa made sure to keep everything in place. Though less screen space was given to Wamiqa, the fans were happy with how her character made space for itself. 

Music & Dialogue

The music of this film needs a special mention in this Kali Jotta movie review. Who isn’t a fan of Satinder Sartaaj’s melodious voice? Well aware of the fact, the makers of Kali Jotta have used his vocals to the fullest. Kali Jotta is a film that has songs for almost every occasion and mood. 

And talking about the dialogues, this film’s prime focus was not to preach through long dialogues, but through the screenplay. Hence, this film did not really have many impactful and remarkable dialogues. But, the concluding courtroom monologue by Satinder Sartaaj needs a special mention for sure. 

Writing & Direction 

The heart-wrenching story of Kali Jotta is written by Harinder Kour. Though Neeru Bajwa has already praised the young lady for this mesmerizing story, here’s our turn to put our hats off. Harinder has penned a story that is sharp enough to pierce the hearts smoothly. And it’s unfortunate but emotionally beautiful that this story is going to connect to every woman that has been through any kind of assault. 

We are also extremely impressed by the direction of Vijay Kumar Arora, as helming this complicated story surely wasn’t an easy job. A slight mistake could have turned this film into an emotional mess. But we’re glad that it didn’t happen and he managed everything well. 


After penning almost every good thing about Kali Jotta, we can clearly say this film is a must-watch. The public needs to watch it for its social message and impactful story, and the fans should be watching it for Neeru Bajwa’s powerful performance. The only thing that pulled the film from getting a 5-star rating is its weak build-up. But the audience can ignore the same after the first 10-15 minutes of the film. 

Kiddaan loved everything about Kali Jotta. Everything has contributed to making this film a special one from its story to its performances. If you are still reading this Kali Jotta movie review, you must be already convinced to watch the film. And we can assure you this film will be worth every penny you spend on it. 

Once again, let us remind you that Kali Jotta is not for people expecting the film to be a family drama or masala entertainer. It’s a story that has been executed to communicate to your heart. 

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