Parmish Verma Shares Interesting Story Behind The Song ‘Ohi Munde 2’

Consistent name & finest in the game, Parmish Verma’s usual announcements are not so usual. We are talking about his day to day updates on music, movies, vlogs and what not. One of his songs, Aam Jahe Munde was released 3 years ago and is still trending on Instagram reels audio, what else justification do we need about how amazing his songs are! 

Earlier this year, Parmish gave a sneak peak into the sequel of Aam Jahe Munde 2 through his social media and then continued to perform it in his live shows as well. But the fans were not satisfied without the official release. So, on demand, Parmish is finally coming up with Ohi Munde 2, a sequel to Aam Jahe Munde. 

We all know the struggle filled Australian journey of him. The loyalty he has for his past life and friends is visible through his posts. Recently, Parmish revealed an interesting story about Ohi Munde 2 and its shooting in Australia. 

Parmish Verma’s Ohi Munde 2 aka Aam Jahe Munde 2 is shot in the same hotel where the artist worked during his initial career days in 2007. ‘The Ivanhoe Hotel’ is the place you get to see in the music video of Ohi Munde 2. 

Visiting the same Hotel where I worked in 2007 with The Same Friends I had in 2007. My Times have changed but I always remember where I came from. This is Where the Journey Started. The Story has just. Begun, #milestogobeforeIsleep. Loyal with the Loyal Ones ❤️. GAUR NAAL DEKH’, Parmish captioned with a beautiful carousel of Pictures. 

Revealing this, Parmish even kept the curiosity of his fans to rest as he tells the heartfelt story in a Youtube live, 15 minutes before the official release of ‘Ohi Munde 2’ on the official Youtube channel of Parmish Verma. 

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Aam Jahe Munde is a definite motivational track for all the people hustling hard to achieve their goals and now the sequel of it has the similar audacity. 

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