Karan Aujla And Emiway Bantai Followed Each Other. Is Something Cooking?

There is very exciting news for all the Karan Aujla and Emiway Bantai fans as they would be really happy to know that both the artists have recently followed each other on Instagram. Their fans have already started circulating the screenshots all around on the Internet. Nad we are assuming there might be something delicious cooking between them both.

There is a possibility that Karan Aujla and Emiway Bantai will collaborate for an upcoming project. 

Other than this, there is another inside story which says Karan Aujla will be soon collaborating with Badshah too. Similarly like the following game between Karan Aujla and Emiway Bantai, Aujla and Badshah have followed each other too. Recently Karan shared some snaps posing with Badshah on his Snapchat account. 

Are Badshah And Karan Aujla Planning Something Big?

If what we are assuming and guessing comes true, we believe this could be a fire collaboration which can not only heat up all the floors but records too. For now, none of these celebrities have announced anything about this, but we are waiting for it.

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