Karan Aujla X Drake: Mystery Man Who Can Make Collaboration Possible!

Drake is probably one of the most famous western artists among the Punjabi community. He has recognized Punjabi Music, clear from the fact that he follows Sidhu Moosewala on Instagram. While we kept waiting all our lives for a Drake X Moosewala collaboration, destiny had different plans.

However, a Drake collaboration in the Punjabi Music Industry might actually be possible. And the artist who can do it, is none other than Karan Aujla himself! Actually, not Karan, there’s a mystery man behind the curtains who can make these things actually work.

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DJ Charlie B is the man! DJ Charlie B is a DJ and music producer from Toronto, Canada but his experience expands beyond music production. He’s also an entrepreneur and manages shows of many artists, including Karan Aujla and Drake.


And, notingly, Karan Aujla and DJ Charlie B are really close to each other. Even the international collaboration between Karan Aujla and YG was made possible by DJ Charlie B, as we got to know from Karan Aujla’s Instagram stories at that time.


Drake’s recent historical Toronto concert was also made possible with the help of Charlie B. The man also has a role to play in Karan Aujla’s recent Australian tour. So, he can be the golden man for Karan Aujla. Karan Aujla next stop is Canada and Drake is currently in Canada, so, who knows?

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