New Controversy! J.Hind Makes Serious Allegations Against Karan Aujla

New controversy seems to be brewing up in the Punjabi Music Industry and it is none other than Karan Aujla who’s the target this time. Popular Punjabi artist, J.Hind has posted a video on his official Instagram handle and made serious allegations against Karan Aujla.

J.Hind claimed the video to be of Karan Aujla and Bohemia’s call recording following the track ‘Ek Din’. J.Hind revealed that Karan Aujla requested Bohemia to do a track with him and also said that Aujla was placed on the track ‘Ek Din’ alongside The Game and Bohemia as a gift.

Further, J.Hind claimed that Karan Aujla was only made a part of Ek Din after he agreed to do a song with J.Hind in exchange. Karan made Bohemia and Saga Music wait for 2 years to do that track, claimed J.Hind. J.Hind elaborated that after finally giving up, he made a post regarding the matter on social media, and immediately got a call from Karan to take down the post and resolve the issue.

The artist then said that Karan kept on ‘playing games’ and avoiding phone calls for a week and when he picked up the call this morning, he blamed his management for the whole issue and said that the management won’t let him do a track without payment or proper fees.

J.Hind also wrote that Karan Aujla paid Bohemia for doing their first collaboration, Unity and it was made possible only due to J.Hind’s relations with Deep Jandu. J.Hind declared that all his ties with Karan Aujla were over and he won’t be allowed to shoot in Los Angeles now. 

Karan Aujla is yet to react to the controversy and the allegations made by J.Hind. The allegations made by J.Hind are yet one sided and not confirmed. We will keep you updated with the story if Karan Aujla reacts to the situation.

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