‘Utte Kaun, Utte Main’ Is Not A Reply To Anyone! Karan Aujla Clarifies With A Video Proof!

Popular Punjabi singer and lyricist Karan Aujla is counted among the biggest and most sensational musical artists in Punjabi Music Industry. His songs have made it to big achievements and international success. But his name is also often dragged into intentional and unintentional controversies.  And currently his name is doing rounds on social media as fans believe he has fired shots at another artist from Punjabi Industry. 

Recently Karan Aujla took it to his Instagram account where he shared three random stories. The first one reads, ‘Oh De Utte Dekh’, the second one mentions ‘Utte Kaun’, and the third and final story has ‘Utte Main’ written on it.

As soon as Aujla updated these Instagram stories, they went viral in no time. The screenshots of the same were doing rounds on various meme and Punjabi pages. The fans believed that through these stories, Karan Aujla has surely replied to another artist from the business. Fans speculate Karan’s Instagram stories were directed towards Arjan Dhillon as his recent song 25-25’s lyrics mention, 

“25 25 50 Koi Sanu, Saathon Taahn Dikha Koi Sanu,

Saathon Taahn Dikha Koi Sanu, Saathon Taahn Dikha”

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But now, Karan Aujla has come up with a public clarification stating his Instagram stories were not any kind of reply or addressed to any artist. He shared a video proof to justify his clarification on his official Instagram account. 

In the video, we can see Karan Aujla talking to Yeah Proof on a video call. The video shows it was recorded on 5 September 2022 at almost 5 in the morning. This proves that Karan Aujla wrote the song way back, and the Instagram stories that he shared were nothing but lyrics from the same song. 

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In the caption, Karan Aujla wrote to the fans who are igniting the controversy without any base. He wrote, “Apne lokaan nu benti a v oii na reply smjlea kro kyi vaar cheeja coincidentally mil jndia. Eh taan Rabb da shukr a v mai video bnali jdo bnaya gaana te uppr date likhi hoi a . Nahi ta janta da aukha c . Eve e gal chak lende a”

He also continued to clear that he did not write it specifically for anyone. He wrote, “Kise lyi reply ni likhya . BAs apne app e lg gya . Mai ta mahina pehla likhlya c. Baki hun thodi marji a jive launa layi Challo apa ta kam kr rhe a jaan k Nahi ?”

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Karan Aujla was definitely lucky that he recorded this video because it has helped him to give a savage reply to all those who wish to create controversies out of everything a celebrity posts.

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