Making Memories Album Review: With Insane Music & Composition Karan Aujla – Ikky Release A Masterpiece

We have been hearing a term called ‘Summer Album’ for almost a year, just when Karan Aujla’s EP ‘Four You’ got released. But as Karan says ‘Trust The Process’, we were awaiting it for so long. And now it is finally that time when the album got released worldwide. Karan Aujla has released his second studio album titled ‘Making Memories’.

The Album ‘Making Memories’ consists of 8+1 songs. The first video song ‘Admirin’ You’ (featuring Preston Pablo) from the album was released on 1st August, and the full album was announced to be released on 18th of August. 

Finally! The day has come. Punjabi music fans cannot be any more happier than this. With the release of the entire album, Aujla has also released the official video of Try Me. Ikky and Karan Aujla have worked their souls out in making this album and the release totally justifies it. 

Songs like Try Me and Champion’s Anthem are sure to get into your minds in a jiffy of listening to them. Jee Ni Lagda is one such song that carries some 2018 Aujla Vibes in it. More than half of the songs from the album are from the girls’ perspective & all the brown girls should be thankful to Aujla for releasing them in Making Memories. 

Let’s find out the Review of each song from the tracklist of ‘Making Memories’.

Girl, I Love You (Euro’s Intro)

This one is the intro for Making Memories. But what Ikky has done with the music doesn’t just make it an intro but a proper transitional musical snippet. When does the intro end and the next song ‘What…?’ starts, it’s just impossible for the listeners to figure out until the lyrics start. 


One of the basic tracks of Making Memories. What…? is a song that has chill vibes but somewhere misses the level of all the other songs from this album of Karan Aujla. 

Admirin’ You (feat. Preston Pablo)

Admirin’ You was the first track to be released from the album. But it still has the vibe to get the audience groove to it. One of the finest tracks from Making Memories has to be Admirin’ You.

Jee Ni Lagda

This song definitely is a banger and gives all those vibes that Karan Aujla’s songs used to deliver back in 2018-19. A guy describing his girl’s traits when in love and all the questions she puts up to him being his girlfriend is what this song has in it. 

Try Me

The smoothest transition you would ever hear is between Jee Ni Lagda and Try Me. It takes around 15-20 seconds into Try Me to realize that the next song got played. Ikky has truly done an amazing job as a music producer for Making Memories. Try Me’s video has also been released officially, you can check it out here. 

Champion’s Anthem 

Champion’s Anthem from Making Memories is going to be Boys’ favorite track that has super bossy and chill vibes. It is one of the best songs from the album. 


Softly comes as a track with Girls’ POV who is dedicatedly in love with a man and wants everything of her lifestyle around him and his accessories. Brown girls would definitely keep it on the top of their current playlist. 


Another beautiful song from Making Memories is You. We won’t mind if its video gets released next. It is a soothing song, again from the perspective of girls. 

Bachke Bachke (feat. Yarah)

Bachke Bachke is a collaboration of Karan Aujla with Yarah. This song gets into heads once we listen to it and we are sure you would be playing this on loop once you hear it and if you already did then you must already be grooving to it. 

The album overall is a complete vibe with outstanding lyrics, composition and a big shoutout goes to Ikky for his out of the box work as a music producer for Making Memories. 

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