Karan Randhawa’s Debut Album RAMBO To Finally Be Out On 13 July

Karan Randhawa is all set to blow the speakers on the 13th of July when the singer will finally have a studio album to his name. The debut album of Karan Randhawa ‘Rambo’ will drop on 13 July and the first track will drop on 9th of July. The official poster of the album has been revealed through a post by the artist on social media.


Few days ago, owner of the music label Geet Mp3, KV Dhillon had given a huge update regarding 3 albums being on their way. He had even revealed the release dates of the first track and the whole album in his story. 

Karan Randhawa, Guri And Jass Manak To Drop Their Albums Soon, KV Dhillon Reveals

Karan Randhawa’s album was one of the three albums and we finally have the official poster before our eyes. This is the first time ever that Karan Randhawa will drop an album. 

The singer is well established in the Punjabi music industry and his songs are all party poppers but the only thing he did not have to his name, was an album. But the wait is finally over and Karan Randhawa will finally have a full fledged album to his name!

No revelations have been made regarding any features of the album. We don’t know the other artists featured in the album, the music producers, the tracklist or anything, only the release date. But the release date is very close, we can at least settle with it and be prepared for the explosion on the 9th of July.

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