Know The Reason Behind Why Happy Raikoti Decided To Do The Movie ‘Teshan’

Punjabi artists are often seen entering the acting industry after establishing themselves as renowned singers or lyricists in the music industry. Same was the case with one of the finest artists of the Punjabi music world, Happy Raikoti.

Many people believe ‘Teshan’ was Happy Raikoti’s debut movie as an actor, but it was ‘Daara’ that brought him into the acting world. But there is an interesting story about why Happy chose to do the movie ‘Teshan’.

Happy Raikoti and Sippy Gill are good friends, and used to be together at the time of the release of ‘Jatt Boys Putt Jattan De’. Happy wrote the songs for the movie but was not given the due credit.

When he asked Prince Kanwaljit Singh, the writer of the movie, about the credit, he received a rather shocking reply. “Who are you?”, was Prince Kanwaljit’s reaction as Happy Raikoti wasn’t a known name in the music world yet. 

Time flew and destiny arranged Prince Kanwaljit’s meeting with Happy again. This time, Prince had written a movie for Happy Raikoti, now a well known face in the industry. Though Money was also one of the major reasons why Happy did the movie ‘Teshan’, Prince Kanwaljit being the writer of the movie also made Happy Raikoti do the movie.

Someone who didn’t know the artist a while ago, now brings a movie for the artist, how could Happy not accept the offer. And this was how we saw Happy Raikoti’s incredible performance in the movie ‘Teshan’. 

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