Korean Man Tries Hajmola For The First Time And His Reaction Was Phenomenal

Videos of foreigners trying Indian foods like butter chicken, naan, dal makhani, and some paneer sabzis can be easily found on the internet. However, a video of a Korean content creator sparked the internet as he tries the digestive tablets known as Hajmola for the first time.

One of the most well-liked candies among Indians is hajmola—many of us like spicy and sweet flavors of it. However, they are advertised as digestive tablets. It has a tangy and spicy flavor that makes your mouth water. But, the taste unquestionably isn’t ideal for everybody, particularly those trying it interestingly for the first time. Similar to this Korean Instagrammer who gave Hajmola a shot for the first time was shook by its flavors. 

K-Ladka, a Korean content creator,tries the Hajmola candy and his adorable reaction has made many people laugh with him.

One of K-Ladka’s followers asked him to try the candy, so he took the advice and gave it a shot. He tried it again after laughingly spitting it out the first time. K-Ladka said that it was too strong for him to do the second time, and he took the time to understand how it tasted.

However, his responses have split the internet because they were adorable and hilarious!

He opens a bottle of Hajmola, sniffs it, and then puts it in his mouth at the beginning of the video. And he spits it out right away. “What is this?” he said. “The flavor is overpowering.”

The man attempts to eat it again and says, “This is too much,” at the end of the video clip.

“I take on the challenge of trying Dabur Hajmola, a popular digestive tablet,” the Korean man wrote in the video’s caption. So go along with me as I investigate the kinds of this Hajmola and share my contemplations!”

Some suggested trying other Hajmola varieties. Therefore, internet users told everything, from Pudina to Aam to Anar.

A few days ago, the video was uploaded. The video has received over 1.9 lakh views since being shared, and the number of views keeps rising. In addition, more than 16,000 people liked the video. While responding to the video, various comments were posted. The Web cherished his cute response and, surprisingly, recommended that he attempt another milder flavor.

“Ya try the green, red, or purple one… You chose the strongest one, which even I can’t eat,” one user wrote, “Next time, please try another flavor of hajmola… love your adorable expression.” Another user wrote, “Your expressions. I can see how hard it is for Koreans to find this taste in other countries; Indians only have it. I watched this video 20 times just to see his expressions.

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