KS Makhan Arrested By Canadian Police For Alleged Gun Violence

Punjabi Singer KS Makhan who is known for his superhit and motivating songs has been recently arrested at Abbotsford, Canada. This news came out unexpectedly and has become the hottest topic and the headline instantly.

The videos of his arrest are surfacing all over social media like wildfire. As per reported stories and viral videos, the Punjabi singer has been arrested for allegedly involved in gun violence. Though the story is not confirmed yet, it is what is being said for now.

Also, it’s been reported that KS Makhan’s lawyer had reached to get his bail approved and the singer might get released by this evening. More details about the singer’s arrest aren’t officially out yet, but it has already become a sensational topic of discussion on the internet. 

The blame on him and the reason for his arrest is also not confirmed by the police or any official source, hence the news surfing on the internet cannot be trusted for now. 

The details regarding the singer’s detention are awaited for now and it’s expected that KS Makhan will be out of the police custody by evening. 

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