Latest Punjabi Songs Released In Week 1 – January 2024

Latest Punjabi Songs Released In Week 2 - October 2023

Waiting to download the latest songs of your favorite singers around right now? Then, update your playlist and fall in love with these fresh songs of the week.

This list will help you to stay updated with the industry trends and know what’s new for you. Check the list of freshly released songs and get to know what’s latest.

The Last Wish – Tiger Halwara

Mittran De Kam- Khadak Singh & Gulab Sidhu

Famous – Dilpreet Dhillon

Babbu Maan – Zikar

7 Raniya – Shree Brar

Jamanta – Lakhi Ghuman

Blessings Of Baapu Returns – Gagan Kokri

Broken Heart 3 – Nawab

Just Say It – Jazzy B

Chah Pindan Di – Arjan Dhillon

No Debts – Arjan Dhillon

Winner – Kahlon

Ik Tere Wargi – Inderjit Nikku

Hasdi – Jassa Dhillon

Islay – Romey Maan

Leo (EP) – Shubh

We are sure you’re going to enjoy these songs. So now when you have already enjoyed these, don’t forget to vote for your favorite one on Kiddaan’s musical chart for Top 10 songs of the week.

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