Lehmber Hussainpuri Lands In Trouble, Accused Of Domestic Violence With Family

Veteran Punjabi Singer Lehmber Hussainpuri has landed in huge trouble after a Facebook live. In the live, the singer’s elder sister-in-law can be seen making huge allegations of domestic violence against the singer.

She said that the family had decided to rent their second house and for that reason, had even requested the property dealer of the locality to arrange customers for them. A group of men approached Lehmber’s house for the same interest but Lehmber wasn’t at home. 

The singer saw everything on camera and when he reached home, he made comments on his wife’s character and after that, even beat his children, wife and younger sister-in-law. The singer has 3 children, a daughter and two sons. In the Facebook live, the children can be seen shivering and seemingly tortured. 

The lady also accused Lehmber of domestic violence against his family on various occasions. After such serious allegations on the artist, he too spoke up in his defence. 

Narrating his side of the story, Lehmber said in an official statement, “Since the day I got married, my wife has been a puppet of my sisters-in-law and does what they say. I love my family and have spent lakhs on my children’s happiness, I even take them on trips. I had requested brother Lucky to find customers to rent my house. A group of men entered my home when my family was there. I saw it on the camera and called my wife to enquire who the men were. She replied that she doesn’t know them. And after this, the younger sister-in-law started getting aggressive and slapped me. From the beginning, my sister-in-law Rajni and her husband Bunny, and another sister-in-law Roma, who is now in Canada, were in majority and did not tell me anything. They used to come to my home in my absence. This time, they all were present when I reached home. I told my wife not to let anybody enter the home like those men, they can be dangerous. After this, the younger sister-in-law slapped me.”

Both the parties are presenting their sides of the story. Lehmber’s sister-in-law makes allegations of domestic violence against the singer and claims that the singer gets jealous when all the sisters come together and that he character assassinates his wife and makes serious allegations on her. But Lehmber claims to be fed up with his sister-in-laws who manipulate his wife. 

Take a look at this Facebook live which made the revelations public :


To listen to the statements by both the parties and related images and videos, take a look at this youtube video : 

There is no clarity as to which side of the issue is speaking the truth. The matter has taken a legal form and the news has spread like fire in social and mainstream media. We hope the police ensures that the truth shall prevail and the victim should be served justice.

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