Lover Song REVIEW: The First Track Of Diljit Dosanjh’s MoonChild Era Has Made A Statement

Lover Song REVIEW: The First Track Of Diljit Dosanjh’s MoonChild Era Has Made A Statement

‘Lover’, the opening track of the most awaited project of the year is finally here. Diljit Dosanjh has dropped the first track from his album MoonChild Era, one day before the release of the full album. The full album will drop on 22 August.

Diljit had given a preview of the song Lover in his Instagram stories and had even called it his favourite from the whole album. Now we know why! While the song was presumed to be a slow love track, the original track is totally the contrary. 

Written by Raj Ranjodh, the song is lyrically sweet and simple. Intense has produced the music of the track and the quality of it does not need to be explained. You could dance for hours to the groovy beat of Lover and still not get tired. It is those rare dance-love songs.

The video of the song presents a very unique setup. Directed by Rahul Dutta, the video feels grand and the quality is very well maintained throughout the video. Elwa seems to have become the first choice of Diljit when it comes to female leads in his songs and there’s no question as to why. She is elegant, she’s talented and she is enough to steal the show with her presence. In ‘Lover’ too, you cannot take your eyes off of the glamorous Elwa.

The main man Diljit Dosanjh is seen dancing around and just being himself in the whole video. There’s no doubt, his voice can send you to a totally different world. His attire, his vocals, him just having fun, it is a treat to watch Diljit in this song.

The opening track of the album MoonChild Era has set the bar for the album to come, and it’s really high! The full album will drop tomorrow and it is a sure thing that the album is going to be as surprisingly amazing as ‘Lover’. A big collaboration between Diljit and Arjan in the song ‘Luna’ has already been revealed and we can expect big things to happen in this album.

Listen to the full song here :

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