Maa Da Ladla Movie Review: Endless Family Drama To Tickle Your Emotions

StarcastTarsem Jassar, Neeru Bajwa, Roopi Gill, Nirmal Rishi, Ifftikhar Thakur, Naseem Vicky and more
DirectorUday Pratap Singh
Kiddaan Rating

We have been challenging makers in the Punjabi industry to get forth something fresh and meaningful. And lately, cinema is evolving and makers are investing their time and money on projects to give you laughter pangs with a social message. The trailer of Maa da Ladla also fetched a lot of attention and raised the expectation levels of the audience. The film is finally released, let’s find out how the film has come out to be in this Maa Da Ladla movie review. 

This project was highly anticipated majorly because of the star cast. Starring Neeru Bajwa and Tarsem Jassar  in the lead, and other popular actors like Roopi Gill, Nirmal Rishi, Ifftikhar Thakur, Naseem Vicky and others in pivotal roles. 


The trailer had already introduced us to a huge chunk of what the movie is going to be about.  The movie revolves around Gora (Tarsem Jassar) and Sehaj (Neeru Bajwa). The former is a struggling actor with finances not finding a proper way whereas the latter is an emotionally stunted mom trying to bond with her son, Kevin, who craves the fatherly presence in his life. To combat the same, they both find a rescue in each other. Sehaj hires Gora as a rental father to her son, Kevin by paying him a handsome amount which shall clear his debts and ease down his financial health. Both the purposes are solved but, as the movie rolls forward we learn that the problems for them both have just begun. 

Considering the screenplay in Maa Da Ladla movie review, the first half seems somewhat stretched. Some of the punches and segments also seemed exaggerated which could have been trimmed. Comparatively, the second half is intriguing and balances what the first half could not. 

Acting and Performance

Whoever chose Tarsem Jassar as the lead, surely deserves a raise, as he acted par his excellence in this one. Comparative to what he has done in the past, this movie has introduced us to a completely different side of Jassar. His happy-go-jolly look has been a delight to the eyes. His looks have also been very charming.

The leading lady, Neeru Bajwa is in her typical boss-lady aura. No better role could define her actual self than this one. She has always impressed us with her characters and the mother she plays in this one has our hearts too. This movie marks the second on-screen presence of Tarsem and Neeru, and their second time as parents again. Their chemistry was praiseworthy. 

Nirmal Rishi and Ifftakhar Thakur have been carrying the project up at a lot of places. Naseem Vicky, who is enacting Tarsem’s best friend has done complete justice to his role but we feel more could be fetched out of such versatile actors. Roopi Gill has comparatively less screen presence. Nevertheless, she has been filling the voids very beautifully.


An Uday Pratap Singh directorial, the movie has been very beautifully shot amidst the nest of the UK. Attention to detail is relevant from the direction. Overall, the vision has been brought to life very well. 


The movie has background music by Kevin Roy which eventually picks you out when you feel low around the movie. Songs are impressive and are trending in the market too. 


We can conclude Maa Da Ladla movie review by calling the film a good weekend time ticker to watch with your families. It’ll take you around some tickling moments and laughter pangs. Yes, the film feels low at some points as the first half of the film is comparatively weak and stretched. Apart from this, some dialogue of the film could have been better to enhance the overall experience. The makers also had a scope to use the brilliant supporting cast. All these small and unintedly ignored points of the film have made us reduce the overall rating of the film. 

But still, the leading cast performed beautifully. Rest, you walk out with some strong values when you come out as the film focuses on their motto “Zindagi Ek hi hai”. 

Team Kiddaan rates the movie three and a half stars out of five for bringing back the classic family comedy to the cinema in a much-refined way. If you are looking to watch a good Punjabi comedy with your family this weekend you could watch Maa Da Ladla in the theatres near you.

Watch the trailer of Maa Da Ladla here; 

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