Mai Trailer: It’s All About A Mother’s Rage & Aced Performance By Wamiqa Gabbi

The much-awaited update on the Netflix original series Mai has come, in the form of the official trailer. With more than 1.5 Million views already, the trailer has amazing actors with power-packed performances. 

Wamiqa Gabbi’s role in the Netflix series came out to be unexpected and a surprising one for the Punjabi audience. She has played a dumb character in the web series who will be known as Supriya Chaudhary throughout the series. 

A young girl (Wamiqa) unfortunately dies in a truck accident in front of her mother and the latter then goes on a journey to take revenge from the ones responsible for Supriya’s death. Sakshi Tanwar’s character has shined out in the trailer and has ended up being an ‘Merciless’ mother, taking every step possible to find out the truth behind her daughter’s death/murder. 

Wamiqa, being a dumb character, tells her mother about something unusual happening in her life and till her mother (Sakshi) could understand anything, she gets hit by the truck. How the girl’s mother uses every easy step to get justice for her daughter and how she turns into a pitiless lady is what all you have to check out on, when the web series releases. 

The web series, Mai, will be out on 15 April on Netflix. Overall, the trailer is entirely power-packed and ultra-fine. It will be just super exciting to watch where the story turns and what would be the final phase of Mai, searching for her daughter’s murderer. 

It was just a few seconds of Wamiqa Gabbi’s character we got to see in the trailer, we are sure there will be more amazing screen presence waiting for the viewers to be treated with. 

Watch the trailer: 

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