Mastaney Movie Review: A Braveheart Tale That Explores The Great Sikh History

Star CastTarsem Jassar, Karamjit Anmol, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Honey Mattu, Baninder Bunny, Simi Chahal, Rahul Dev, Avtar Gill, Arif Zakaria
DirectorSharan Art
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Punjab is a land of great, rich and brave history yet we have seen a limited number of movies made on Punjab’s history. Breaking the trend, Tarsem Jassar & co. has decided to come up with ‘Mastaney’, a period drama based on the epic battle of braveheart Sikhs against the ferocious 18th century invader and ruler of Iran Nader Shah. We have watched this wonderful movie and penned this Mastaney movie review only for you, so give it a quick read.

Mastaney is released in five different languages including Punjabi, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Marathi. It stars Tarsem Jassar, Karamjit Anmol, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Honey Mattu, Baninder Bunny, Simi Chahal, Rahul Dev, Avtar Gill and Arif Zakaria in pivotal roles. Helmed by Sharan Art, Mastaney was one of the highly anticipated films of this year. Do Mastaney land upto the expectations? Read this Mastaney movie review to know.


Mastaney Movie Review

As already mentioned above, Mastaney is based on the epic battle of braveheart Sikhs against the tyrant Nader Shah. The story of the film begins with the attacks of Sikh warriors on Nader Shah camps. Sikhs looted the looted treasure of Nader Shah and freed the women who were taken slave by him. This troubles Nader Shah, and forces him to visit Zakaria Khan in Lahore. He ordered Zakaria Khan to capture and present before him the Sikhs who had looted him.

As Sikhs were swift like wind and shadow, every enemy failed to catch them. Due to this and fearing the wrath of Nader Shah, Zakaria Khan finds five artists Zahoor (Tarsem Jassar), Kalandar (Gurpreet Ghuggi), Bashir (Karamjit Anmol), Zulfi (Honey Mattu) and Baninder Bunny to present them as Sikhs before Nader Shah. But due to some events those five artists turn rebellions and embrace Sikhism to fight the atrocities of Nader Shah and Zakaria Khan.

This is a much needed story that needed to come out as a homage to our brave history. The story progresses slowly but effectively. The first half of the film focuses on plot setting and seems stretched. Second half begins slow but pace up nicely towards an outstanding and thrilling climax.

Acting & Performances

Mastaney Movie Review

Now let us discuss the performances in the movie in our Mastaney movie review. Starting with Tarsem Jassar, who is terrific in the film as Zahoor. He played his role so intriguing that he might remind you of Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow at times. Plus we liked his dance moves in the film as well.

Gurpreet Ghuggi has given a strong performance in the film that will be applauded by everyone. His attitude is one of best 

Karamjit Anmol, Honey Mattu and Baninder Bunny are also terrific in their roles.

Simi Chahal has short screen time but she played her role beautiful that no one can dislike a bit. On the other hand Rahul Dev is probably the best casting in the film as he is terrifying in the film. Avtar Gill and Arif Zakaria are also impressive in their respective roles.


Mastaney Movie Review

Now if we talk about the direction of the film then Sharan Art has pulled off an impressive work we must say. With such a theme that might hurt some religious sentiments, the task ultimately carries a pressure. And Sharan and his team have handled the pressure nicely. However, the team could have worked a little more on the slow screenplay and length of the film. Apart from that the Mastaney is a wonderful project in terms of direction.

Music & Dialogues

Mastaney boasts a simple but groovy playlist. Shehzada is one song in the film that is very entertaining. However we felt that the film lacked an adrenaline rush song. The BGM of the film is very good though.

The best part of the film for us is its dialogues. Some of them are ‘Jina de yaar mehkhaneyan warge hon, oh nashe vich hi rehnde ne’ and ‘Khalsa Badshah agge ni, Sache Paatshah agge hi jhukda hai’. The shayaris in the conversations are also very nice to get entertained with.


Mastaney Movie Review

Now it’s time to conclude this Mastaney movie review with our final words for the film. So, Mastaney is one of those films that fans needed. It glorifies the great history of Sikhs and Punjab. So for this, Team Kiddaan rates Mastaney 4.5 Stars on the scale of 5. The deduction in the ratings is only due to slow screenplay and length otherwise Mastaney is a very good watch for you. So just book your tickets and enjoy…

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