Nagpur Man Rajneet Nath Is Ruling On The Internet For His Heart-melting Deeds

Mr. Rajneet Singh has undoubtedly won our hearts and the entire internet with his heart-melting deeds. If you’re really active on social media and are aware of what’s trending, then you must have come across the viral video of this man from Nagpur.

Mr Nath is a 58-year-old man from Nagpur who has proved that his heart is bigger as compared to most of us. He is currently ruling the internet unintendedly. His video is going viral in which he is seen feeding stray dogs. 

But isn’t it true that we all feed stray dogs sometimes? Then why is he the one getting all the attention? If the same question is hitting your mind then we’re here to answer it.

Unlike us, he is getting a lot of appreciation and love on social media because of his kind heart and dedication. He feeds 150-170 stray dogs everyday. He himself prepares Mutton and Chicken Biryani for them and serves it to the dogs everyday with love.  And this is not something he is doing to get attention, because he has been doing this for the last 11 years. 

Popular Photo-Journalist Viral Bhayani also shared his video and story on his Instagram Account.

He revealed that Mr. Nath prepares all the food on his own and even distributed it alone. He starts by 5:30 in the evening and ends up reaching back home by 12:30 in the mid-night. And he arranges ingredients by using the donations he receives. 

If the dedication and love of this man has touched your heart too and you’re willing to make some donations to help him feed more dogs, you can directly DM Viral Bhayani as he mentioned in the post that he will make sure the help reaches the right man safely.  

We are really touched by this very sweet, heart warming and selfless gesture of Mr. Rajneet Nath. We hope the world gets blessed with more people like him.

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