Nora Fatehi Takes A Dig At Bollywood Actors For Faking Love And Marrying For Clout: Heres What Netizens Think

In a new interview, Nora Fatehi said something that has come into everyone’s attention. During a conversation with Ranveer Allahabadia on his podcast, Nora talked about celebrity couples faking love and revealed that many of them are together just to look good in front of people. He said that these celebs are ‘calculative’. They mix work and personal life and hence feel depressed.

She also mentioned “In the film industry, people get married for clout. People use these wives or husbands for networking and for circles, for money, for relevance even. They think, ‘I have to marry that person so I can stay relevant for the three years because she has a few films releasing and they were doing well at the box office, so I have got to ride that wave’. People are that calculative. Those are predators, too.”

During the interview, she also toom a dig at the Indian men from a foreigner’s perspective. She said, “It’s hard, it’s really hard. If you are from South America, your perspective is gonna be different. If you are from Europe, your perspective is gonna be different. I’m again an Arab, North African woman, my perspective is like, ‘You guys are just like Middle Eastern and African guys’. It’s the same, there is no difference really, to be honest.”

Now a lot of netizens have been guessing about the actors Nora might be talking about some are saying Sid-kiara, some feel she is talking About Bhushan Kumar or Vicky Kaushal. 

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