Not Seven, Ranbir-Alia Actually Took Only 4 Four Pheras! Here Is Why

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s big fat Indian Wedding is currently the hottest and most trending topic of discussion on social media. The couple, after dating each other for 5 years, finally tied the wedding knot with each other on 14 April. The pictures and videos from their wedding are going viral on social media, and everyone is discussing them.

But do you know that the newly wed couple only took 4 pheras in their wedding? In a Hindu marriage, the bride and groom generally take seven pheras to complete their wedding, but the trend of only four pheras is also well popular. Alia Bhatt’s brother opened about RanAlia’s wedding details and clarified that the couple did not take seven, but only 4 pheras. Not only this, he also explained the reason behind it.

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He revealed that four pandits were present there for the wedding and to bless the newlyweds, but the couple only took 4 pheras following the Punjabi customs. In Hinduism, any wedding cannot be considered complete without seven rounds, but the Ranbir-Alia wedding was a different affair. They took laavan phere, which includes four rounds, and in three of them, the bride walks ahead of the groom. 

Many media platforms used ‘seven pheras’ as their catchy headlines, but the truth has been delivered now.  This news is not only going viral among fans, but also serving with a dose of information.

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