‘One Sided’ Review: Grab Your Headphones, Close Your Eyes And Feel This Masterpiece By Robyn Sandhu

Robyn Sandhu, the name that does not need an introduction today, has finally dropped the much-awaited ‘One Sided’ on his official Youtube channel. The song’s title is enough to reveal what it beholds for the audience but believe us, you did not expect this to be such masterpiece of a song.

We can all agree that Robyn Sandhu is one master of a lyricist and the emotions this man can pour onto his paper are just unimaginable. Be it social issues, motivation, biographical tracks or new addition to the list, love songs, there’s no denying that this man can make you feel his words are alive.

One Sided is a musical journey you will cherish throughout. It is a song you want to hear with your headsets on, alone in the night, just remembering the immense efforts you put for that one person and the way you feel for your beloved one. It is a beautiful ride you want to never end. With Intense music on the beat, Robyn’s vocals add more emotion to his writing. The female model in the music video is Arshika Singh Heer. She’s originally from Chandigarh and is now a resident of British Columbia, Canada.

The highlight remained the video, done by Harman Sekhon, who generally does most of Robyn Sandhu songs’ videos. The shots, the color grading, the texture, everything’s been put on so well together that you cannot spot a mistake in the song. And there’s a twist at the end of the video, watch it for sure!

One Sided love in its truest sense is one of the most beautiful yet painful things in the world. You live for someone, you get so engrossed in living for someone that the feeling that they don’t love you back, does not matter anymore. ‘One Sided’ by Robyn Sandhu narrates this story in its own musical way and this is going to hit you hard! The song is a beautiful one and has again proven that Robyn Sandhu is a true artist.

Listen to the song here :

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