Parmish Verma Is Carrying A Mind-blowing Expensive Watch On His Wrist

Punjabi singers are known to be enthusiasts of rich and lavish lifestyles. Many Punjabi celebrities own luxurious cars and expensive cloth articles but Parmish Verma is taking things to the next level with his collections. 

The artist recently uploaded an Instagram story of a wristwatch. It might look like a regular wristwatch until you pay attention to the dial. You will notice the ‘Rolex’ mark inside. We know many Punjabi artists own Rolex watches and if this is not enough to blow your minds, this watch costs over 26 Lakh INR. The exorbitant green watch is the very rare ‘Rolex Perpetual Date Submariner’ that costs over ₹26 lakh

The hefty amount is more than the annual salary of a common man and Parmish is carrying it on his wrist. Recently, he had also purchased a Custom Built Rolls Royce Wraith. And now, the 26-lakh costing Rolex just leaves everyone shock-struck.

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Parmish has surely worked hard for earning this lifestyle. An international student in Australia who used to wash dishes is ruling the industry today and making his dreams come true. The star has every right to spend his hard-earned money on his dreams and he is absolutely living them. 

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