10 Pollywood Actors That Played Iconic ‘Friend’ Roles In Punjabi Movies

Have you ever planned on robbing any banks or shopping for parties with your besties anytime soon, but if you’ve ever had a friend become your “chosen family,” you understand how beautiful, deep, and life-changing a friendship can be.

Best friends are some of the most important people in our lives. We all need to celebrate our besties right now, especially when we might not be able to see them as often as we’d like. They are the one whom we can count on at any time. Everyone, including celebrities, have support from their best friends, be it on on-screen or off-screen. A friend is one with whom we had the most fun. There are many Punjabi movies in which actors give us major friendship goals. We chose the best ones for you.

Punjabi Actors Which Played Iconic ‘Friend’ Roles In Movies

Jagjeet Sandhu in Sufna

Jagjeet Sandhu has won our hearts with his role of ‘Tarsem’ in the movie. He not only played the role of hero’s best friend but also has shades of grey as he tries to woo the leading actress Tania aka Teg in the film. The film consists of an interesting storyline with amazing actors.

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Balwinder Bullet in Sufna

The performance of Balwinder Bullet has surprised everyone in this romantic Punjabi film. He not only made the audience laugh with his Desi English but also gave us a major friendship goal. As he always keeps Ammy Virk updated about his lady love Tania.

Binnu Dhillon in Channo Kamli Yaar Di

Binnu Dhillon has nailed his character as Taaji from the word go. At one moment his character makes you smile, and at the other you can feel his pain for unrequited love. In the whole movie he supports and takes care of Neeru Bajwa who was pregnant and went to travel in search of her husband Jeet. This can be considered as Binnu’s best performance so far.

Karamjit Anmol in Nikka Zaildar

In the film Nikka Zaildar, Karamjit Anmol’s character of Bhola is very impressive. His transformation from college student to vichola got with it a dose of much-needed situational comedy at places, which kept the audience amused. He not only supports Ammy in college but also in his personal life. In the film, Karamjit helped Ammy a lot and became his backbone which definitely gives us major friendship goals.

Gurpreet Ghuggi in Carry On Jatta

Gurpreet Ghuggi always adds some twist to the scenes with his comic timings. But in this movie, his character Honey, is not only making us laugh but teaching us the value and meaning of real friendship. He lies, supports and stands with him throughout every trouble.

Amritpal in Sardaar Ji

Sardaar ji is one of the first fantasy films made in the Punjabi industry. The film has many legendary actors like Jaswinder Bhalla, Diljit Dosanjh, Mandy Takhar, Neeru Bajwa but one that wins our hearts is Jaggi’s (Diljit Dosanjh) assistant Joondi (Amritpal). 

He has a short but sweet role in the film. He is not only an assistant but a great friend of his master. They both massage each other’s head and discuss their future every time. 

Jaswinder Bhalla in Sardaar Ji

Sardaar Ji is all about laughter and innocent & perky humour. And to enhance the humour you must have noticed the bond between Jaswinder Bhalla and Diljit Dosanjh. Starting from not liking each other to turning into best friends, their bond is quite unique but adoring.

Rana Ranbir in Manje Bistre

Only a few characters in a movie can stay with us forever. One among them is Rana Ranbir, he never fails to delight the audience through his comic timings and special acting skills. Rana Ranbir portrays the role of Seeta who is one of Gippy Grewal’s friends entertained every time he was on screen.

He helps Gippy a lot in the film. They all finish the last moment of chores and collect Manje Bistre from around the village for the guests who will arrive. The duo gave us goals of friendship as they have a lot of fun together.

Aarya Babbar in Yaar Anmulle

One of the best movies in Punjabi cinema that showcases the friendship of three classmates. Aarya Babbar, Yuvraj Hans and Harish Verma. Aarya Babbar who was goon of the college and has been failing his class since two years made a great bond with his roommates Yuvraj and Harish. 

They experience many adventures together, including not confessing their love and scoring low marks too. It is one of the best movies which will make you miss your friends.  

Jassie Gill in High End Yaariyan

The movie revolves around the tale of three friends who live in London. It is another movie in which not only one but all the three characters gave friendship goals. But Jassie Gill is the one who stands by everyone. He gave them a shed to live in and helped Ranjit Bawa and Ninja while they were struggling and living out of their homeland.

Jassie Gill reflects the magic of friendship and true love among his other two friends.

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So, what are your opinions on the theme of friendship in movies? With this list we can conclude, either it’s romance or action, a movie is incomplete without the role of best friend.

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