Professor Calls Muslim Student A “Terr*rist”: Faces Massive Criticism On Twitter!

A college student is seen confronting his teacher in a 45-second video that was posted to Twitter and quickly viewed thousands of times. Notably, the teacher is accused of calling a Muslim student a “Terr*rist” in front of the entire class. In a classroom filled with other students, the video shows a student vehemently condemning and opposing the teacher’s remarks!

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Moreover, when the argument heated up, the teacher even said, “You’re like my own kid,” to which the student responded, “Would you tell the same thing to your kid? Will you call him also a terrorist? 26/11 is not something funny! Being a Muslim and facing such things everyday in this country is not funny at all. How can you call me a terrorist in front of whole class? You’re a teacher, a professional!”

However, the teacher can be heard saying a “sorry”, though the student doesn’t seem to be convinced at all with that! Furthermore, as soon as the video went viral on the internet, the majority of netizens slammed the teacher for his remarks, adding that each and every student is equal for a teacher, irrespective of his/her caste and religion. “Simply a sorry wouldn’t change how you are portraying yourself,” said the student.

Another Twitter user, on the matter, commented that it is sad to see a professor with a degree acting in a bigoted and hateful manner while in a position of authority. Additionally, the user called the incident shameful.

Furthermore, the netizens on twitter, condemned the entire incident.

The people over social media, not just vehemently condemned the incident but even demanded strict action against the teacher. Reportedly, the location is DU North campus. Though it’s interesting to see what action is taken against the accused in the matter.

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